It’s Not Just About Ideas. It’s About Making Ideas Happen.

It’s not just about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

We strongly believe that it is each and every individuals’ efforts that convert what was once an idea, into a reality today.

Founded in Will's room at the Tunku Abdul Rahman University.


Expanded to 22 different countries for the past 12 years.


Converted more than 4,800 ideas into reality.

Our Values

We are looking forward to assist more and more SMEs to build a successful Digital Presence but, are you as excited as we do? Start picking a position where you think your potentials could be unleashed now:
Understand Clients’ Needs

Listen to understand, not listen to reply has been what we are practising because only having understand the true need of our client, can we provide the most suitable solution to them.


Great Design for Everyone

We have high standard in all our design tasks because we believe that everyone deserves seeing something that is a comfort to their eyes.


Creating Best of the Best

We are always looking forward to create the best possible future for our clients and ourselves. That is why we are constantly thinking BIG and dare to try out new things in order to keep ourselves innovative and creative, then making our clients the best of the best as well.
Be Quick in Learning
There is no such a thing as “enough” in learning. We need to be consistently learning to catch up the ever-changing pace in this technology world. Not to forget, having adequate rest is important in our learning proceed. It allows us to learn much effectively and efficiently.


The world is filled with “options” and this can be confusing to our clients. Our responsibility is to filter out those that is truly beneficial to our clients, that will help them grow their business.
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