Past / Current / Future Versions

Version 1.4 (Current)

Added - Major security improvements

Changed - Many typos and text changes

Changed - “Auto saved” indication will be shown on more occasions

Fixed - When accessing menu management from the control panel it’s skewd

Fixed - Submenu settings menu is hidden

Fixed - Stripe menu should be more visible (also in FF)

Fixed - SEO / PRO / PUBLISH pages does not center on small screens

Fixed - Draggable panels should always appear above the fold

Fixed - First tip moves to the right when hovering over the next stripe

Fixed - Disabled e-commerce in label’s dashboard have a broader effect

Fixed - Registration on template selection has a better flow

Fixed - Publish loading state after cancel login

Fixed - popup raw element stripe menu is seen

Version 1.3.9

Added - Password protected pages (in page settings, implemented lightly)

Added - Downloadable photo gallery (in gallery settings only)

Changed - Parallax will not work on tablet

Fixed - External login now works with must register templates

Changed - The way /themes page is loading for performance

Fixed - hirez images mechanism causes PNG images with transparency to look bad

Fixed - The new themes page lost it's predefined colors

Fixed - Translated sites can't remove popups

Fixed - left side menu - title edit menu is behind the menu

Fixed - enter the thank you text of popup app breaks the popup (removed the option for popups - affects only new popups

Fixed - must register in theme selector zooms out the theme and takes time to load the form

Changed - Stripe store name in should appear in credit card charge

Changed - The appearence of the control panel

Changed - some wording throughout the editor

Fixed - Website style font size should be obsolete

Fixed - Redirecting to a specific template in /themes sometimes looks ugly

Fixed - Themes page icon change color according to background

Fixed - FF - maps style is not selectable

Fixed - FF - form submit settings is not editable