Awesome doesn't have to be hard. Behind the beautiful interface, Wonepage is an incredible editor platform. Here, you can find everything that Wonepage platform can do.

All of the Essentials

Ready Made - Our Editor makes it easy to build a website like building stuff with Lego™ Blocks. No creative limits or technical skills needed.

Unlimited Web Hosting - Our free hosting come with unlimited bandwidth that keep your website secure and safe.

Page Widgets - Grow your business with our powerful Web Widgets.

Mobile Friendly - Your website will look amazing on any device which included tablets, mobile phones or even google glass and smart-watches.

Custom Domain Name - Make a great impression on your visitors with a custom web address.

Scalable Website - You can build a beautiful one-page website or 1000-page website. There is no limits on your growth.

Beautiful Design

Stunning Templates - More than 250 templates designed by experienced and well known designers for any type of website.

Stock Images - Choose professional and high-resolution photos from our media center for every kind of site.

Video Background - Our Media Center allowed you to choose a free video to create a unique homepage video background.

Image Editor - Edit, retouch and enhance your images for incredible results.

20 Galleries - Showcase your images with our 20 unique galleries to create a stunning site.

Stripes - Easily add stripes for every purpose with video, text, and more. These stripes are easily customize and look great for your website.

3D Effects - Add new dimension to your site with the 3D parallax effect.

Password Protected Pages - Create private and protected web pages that only allowed specific members to access.

Video and Audio - Upload your audio and video files without complicated setup.

HTML Embed Code - Embed your own HTML code with our simple raw element editor to extend your site’s functionality.

Blogging & Social Media

Customisable Blog - Easily create a new blog section for your beautiful site.

Social Sharing Buttons - Keep your website interesting with a social sharing bar that lets your audience share your articles.

Facebook Comments Widget - Grow your audience and interact with your visitors directly on your website.


Create a Stunning Online Store - Start selling your products and services by creating your professional online store.

All-In-One Management - Track your orders, get paid and manage all items from the Ecommerce Dashboard.

Accept Payments - We deposit your earnings once a month on the 15th through PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Mobile Friendly - Your online store is mobile responsive so that customers can and purchase your products and services on the go.

Supported Currency - We support more than 20 local currencies, allowing you to charge customers in your native currency.

Shipping Cost - Set a flat rate shipping fee for your products.

Business Tools

Site Analytics - With Google Analytics, you could start tracking your website views, where visitors come from, and how your website ranking compare to your competitors.

SEO Wizard - Use search phrases and keywords to target your audiences and improve your rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Communication Tools - Improve your customers' experience by adding the Live Chat widget to communicate with your visitors.

Feedback Tools - Listening to the voice of your customer about their experience.


24/7 Help & Support - We’re here to answer all of your questions, all of the time.

Knowledge Base - Find answers for all common questions.

Video Walkthroughs - It’s only take 4 easy steps to create your stunning website.